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Ron 3 years ago
Mom thought I went to work and I caught her cleaning the house in the nude, when she seen me watching her she tried to cover up, I said it's ok your very Hot and beautiful, Mom dropped the towel and pulled me up to her Hot body she said that's so sweet of you to say as she undone my pants, we screwed three times and was the best sex I had ever had, then Mom said we better clean up before your Dad gets home.
2 years ago
She looks just like my mom. My bedroom closet faced the bathroom so I would hide there growing up and watch my my mom and sister shower. My sister has big tits but my mom has a ass I want to eat till she cums all over me. Not to mention I favored her panties more. I just found a new favorite
Adam 2 years ago
My mom hasn't been able to finish cleaning the house properly since I firsthit puberty and tented my boxers in front of her.
Towel teen 2 years ago
Holy fuck... I remember first time having intercourse with my step mother. She was cleaning and then went to shower. She caught me trying to push the door open to see her. She gives the best head. Been 4 years and I am still nailing her.
jacob 2 years ago
I have a stepmother and we sometimes have sex but for sport max 40 minutes.
Eduardo 2 years ago
The first 4 minutes are bullshit. But, then they get down to some good sucking and fucking.
2 years ago
She’s not even using a cutting board!!
Mrs boy toy 2 years ago
Can Brenda James fuck me today?
1 year ago
fuck them
oldkiller 1 year ago
i want that pussy!!!!!