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tiitys 3 years ago
she may have a nice pussy but she is ugly as fuck
Johnny C 3 years ago
My step mom married my dad for his money her daughter married into a rich family and couldn't get pregnant so they asked me to knock her up. Me being a gentleman I fucked her for two weeks straight burying my semen in her pussy while her mom watched. A few times when it was just us two we really got freaky she sucked and swallowed even did anal. And when she or my perverted dad wasn't around step mom had me fill her pussy. I was in heaven next thing you know both gals were pregnant.
3 years ago
Wow that Pussy is stunning
3 years ago
What is her name. She is stunning. And what a perfect pussy!!
Hard As Steel 3 years ago
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Wolf 3 years ago
Not only is she a good sister for takeing her brother's cock but his load as well, bet she does it more often now too.
Butt 3 years ago
I think she’s fine as hell
Savita 3 years ago
She is such a good bitch.
NorCal Casey 3 years ago
In my opinion, you should take any chance to fuck a family member and just do it. I’ve been with 3 and all experiences were amazing!
??? 3 years ago
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