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smh poor Mike 2 years ago
Sorry, Mike but the amount of cocks that you took up your ass during the early stages of your career, completely cancels out any "pussy" you get now (although you're still a faggot and mostly fuck females asses, pretending they're male's asses..also that's why you talk about how "deep" something is in your ass at 2:22 into this shitty video)
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Nio 2 years ago
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Who did Simp? 1 year ago
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Woozy 1 year ago
GTA The Definitive Edition just dropped and it stars Mike "Plastic Cock" Adriano!!
He was casted as a fire hydrant bc he produces the same amount of cum as one.
Marco artista 10 months ago
BlondeGirl 2 years ago
What’s the blondes girls name
Que 11 months ago
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Jerem 1 year ago
Je tiens 30 secondes